Holiday Playlist, Track One

So, December has arrived, and I’m not exactly in the proper frame of mind yet. Part of the problem has to do with the often-maudlin holiday music that assaults my senses every time I go into a store. (Don’t get me wrong, the classics are wonderful when done well. It’s the schmaltzy or overwrought versions that get to me.) So, as a public service, when the mood hits me, I will post a link to a lesser-known holiday gem.

I’m kicking off the proceedings with “A Very Sorry Christmas” by The New Mendicants. (I mentioned the band in this post last month.) This may be the most low-key supergroup in rock history, featuring Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake, Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers, and Sadies drummer Mike Belitsky (a veritable legend in Canadian rock circles). The band first released the Australia 2013 EP, featuring a harmony-laden cover of INXS’ “This Time” and several acoustic performances. “A Very Sorry Christmas” comes from the 2014 Ashmont Records full-length debut Into The Lime. It’s an unpretentious yet elegant record that, while evoking the best of all three bands, feels new.

But, as the great Marty di Bergi once said, enough of my yakkin’! Here it is:


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