Confessions of a library addict

Yesterday I took a day trip to San Francisco to see the (immensely entertaining) Animaniacs tribute at Sketchfest. There were a few moments where I realized that I may indeed have a problem…

9:50 AM: I arrived in San Jose. I could have boarded a 10 AM Caltrain to the city, but instead I took a bus several long blocks across town. I needed to return a copy of Mike Sacks’ And Here’s The Kicker to the King Library. Sunday transit schedules being what they are, it was a real nail-biter to get back to Diridon Station to take the 10:35. (By the way, Sacks’ book is a great choice for any fan of comedy writing, and I bought the newly updated edition for myself over the holidays.)

12 PM: I arrived in San Francisco. The show was at 1 PM. I passed up a chance to eat lunch or (this will shock those who know me) drink coffee in one of the city’s fine establishments to head to the Main Library on Larkin Street. I had several items being held for me, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to pick them up after the show. I really had to hurry to get to Marines’ Memorial on time.

Who borrows items from libraries located so far away from home, heedless of the inconvenience?

A hopeless addict, that’s who. Sigh.

In my defense, I wouldn’t have borrowed items if I weren’t coming back to San Francisco in a few weeks. And hey, check out this haul!

Picture 1


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