BLOOD SWEAT TEAL at Seeing Things Gallery

The NHL playoff season feels very surreal to me so far, thanks to my beloved San Jose Sharks’ absence from the proceedings this year. (For those who are interested, my take on their season appears here.) Luckily, I found myself in San Jose yesterday afternoon, and so I had the chance to see Jason Adams’ Blood Sweat Teal exhibition at Seeing Things Gallery (a very cool art venue/zine shop downtown). I had seen thumbnails of Adams’ images online and in various newspaper articles, but I’d say it’s worth attending the show in person if you’re a fan going through withdrawal. My favorite piece is the brick wall sculpture that pays tribute to goalie Antti Niemi, but I did find this depiction of versatile forward Joe Pavelski to be especially clever. Blood Sweat Teal runs through Saturday, April 25 at Seeing Things Gallery, 50 North 3rd Street, San Jose. Visit the gallery’s website or phone (408) 891-7553 for more information.


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