Song In My Head #8: Sebadoh’s “Ocean”

While the Massachusetts band Sebadoh still performs today, their songs make me nostalgic for my college-radio days at Stanford. The band’s 1994 Bakesale album was popular in KZSU’s rotation; I remember playing that record’s catchy “Rebound” on a show one day. (One of my fellow DJs practically idolized Sebadoh co-founder/lead singer Lou Barlow. I lost touch with Dave over the years, so I have no idea if that’s still the case, or even if he bought Sub Pop’s deluxe reissue of Bakesale when it came out in 2011.) The following song is the third track from 1996’s Harmacy, the follow-up to Bakesale. Last Sunday, I discovered it on a UK import single hiding in a corner of Pacific Grove’s tiny but mighty indie record mecca, Vinyl Revolution. Score! Anyway, the downright addictive guitar hook to “Ocean” will make you a believer, too.


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