The month of May had thirty other days available!

As someone who can’t pass a bookstore without walking in to browse, I have fond memories of the first-ever California Bookstore Day last May. I began at Bookshop Santa Cruz, then took a shuttle and CalTrain to explore Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park and the various Books Inc. stores on the Peninsula. It was hectic, but I managed to return to Santa Cruz in time to browse Logos Books and Records late in the afternoon, and then enjoy the observance of Free Comic Book Day at Atlantis Fantasyworld and Comicopolis. I had a great time, and vowed to make the bookstore tour an annual event.

Most readers of the blog know my (occasionally quixotic) love of the San Jose Sharks. While the end of the season upsets me each year, I’m always comforted by the annual blowout sale at the Sharks Store that follows weeks later. A week or so ago, I received an e-mail detailing this year’s sale, which is combined with the team’s annual game-used equipment sale for the first time ever. (I’ve never managed to get to the game-used equipment sale, but I’ve been fascinated by the idea.) Thrilled beyond measure, I was sure to make note of the date…May 2nd. It’s the same day as this year’s California Bookstore Day and Free Comic Book Day, this coming Saturday. Yikes.

Never mind. As Mindmaker said in the original Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, “I didn’t say it was impossible, I said it was a challenge. Man was placed on this earth to face challenges, my boy!” Whenever I have a spare moment, I sit down with the various shuttle and train schedules to try to work out the best plan. Something always gets lost in the shuffle, though. One way forces me to pass up pastry-fueled browsing at Kepler’s. Another plan cuts out the glorious browsing opportunities in Mountain View. Choice #3 has me missing Evgeni Nabokov‘s personal appearance at the Tank…you get the idea. Furthermore, this is all assuming that something doesn’t go wrong. Levi’s Stadium is having its first-ever concert the same afternoon, so traffic is supposed to be horrendous in the Peninsula. Plus, if the weather is as gorgeous as it’s been, the highway will be clogged with beachgoers in both directions.

Sigh. I wish local event planners and merchants had conferred with each other. I guarantee that there’s more overlapping interest among hockey fans, readers, and comic geeks than anyone expects. If any time-management experts out there want to weigh in with some advice, I’d be eternally grateful. In the meantime, this song seems appropriate…


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