Song In My Head #12: “Chewingum Rock” by Nicky Bulldog

Here is a prime example of the “junk shop glam” genre, so called because the obscure singles could be found in thrift store bins after the songs stiffed on the charts. Maybe that happens to shoppers in glam-happy places such as the United Kingdom, but here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. we’re forced to resort to import compilations for a pricier fix. Happily, it’s still possible to hit pay dirt. I found Killed By Glam: 14 Euro Glam Rock Gems at the Santa Cruz Streetlight Records location a few years ago. (This MoonBoot Records release is often nicknamed Killed By Glam 2  because the first volume featured UK bands only, though the cover and liner notes reveal nothing about that. It’s very confusing.) Aside from a few early clinkers, this compilation captured my heart fairly quickly. I was tempted to include Blue Vamp’s tongue-twisty French shuffle “Jolly Dolly” instead, but in the end I had to go with Nicky Bulldog’s mighty “Chewingum Rock.” Originally released on the Genoa-based Grog label, the song combines honking saxophone, frantic handclaps, and winning harmonies to create a long-lost classic. Plus, I can’t resist any production that evokes the Wall of Sound compressed through a tinny speaker. Enjoy!

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