Happy 100th birthday, Garfield Park Library!

Today (July 11) officially was named Garfield Park Library Day by the Santa Cruz City Council. To mark the occasion, Santa Cruz Public Libraries held a party at the Garfield Park Branch:


I had never visited this particular branch before (since I generally use the Downtown one, or occasionally go to Capitola), and I was charmed by its compact, welcoming beauty. It is the last remaining Carnegie Library in Santa Cruz, built in 1915. The staff went all out, of course, with a bespoke birthday dragon:


The birthday cake (designed by Marina Sousa of Capitola’s Just Cake) was quite impressive. I don’t know if they’re visible in the fondant stack of books, but I loved the card catalog slips!


Here’s to you, Mr. Carnegie, somewhere in the great beyond. Here’s to another 100 years of Garfield Park Library, too! The Garfield Park branch is open weekdays at 705 Woodrow Avenue in Santa Cruz. Visit the SCPL website or call (831) 427-7709 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Happy 100th birthday, Garfield Park Library!

  1. Sorry I missed the party. Bespoke dinos are my favorite. Last month visited the Carnegie in New Albany, Indiana…1916… beautiful, important, the place I met my first book. Keep up the good vocabulary. Tim


  2. Aww, thank you! Apparently Watsonville had a Carnegie library that was demolished the year I was born. I was sad enough that the library building I grew up visiting got replaced recently, but apparently our Carnegie building was pretty adorable. I’m kicking myself that I forgot to take pictures of the Garfield Park Library Lego Club’s display case on Saturday, too…that oversized Luke Skywalker Lego brick figure is impressive! I guess I’ll just fix that when I go back sometime.


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