Song In My Head #19: “Spell On Me” by Sandy Salisbury

This song was recorded in 1969 for Gary Usher’s Together Records label, which collapsed before Salisbury’s album could be released. In 2001, Creation Records founder Alan McGee released Sandy as part of his short-lived (but Elizabeth-beloved) Poptones venture. I vowed to buy a copy when Sloan’s Jay Ferguson named the album as one of his favorites that year in a zine’s top-10 list. Eventually, I snagged it at my all-time favorite (now shuttered) record store, Minus Zero Records, during a trip to London. (The Sandy album has seen some more releases since then, including a 2011 reissue on Rev-Ola.)

In the ’60s, Salisbury was a member of several Curt Boettcher projects, including the Millennium, the Ballroom, and Sagittarius. Today, he thrives as renowned children’s author Graham Salisbury, who’s written several novels inspired by his childhood in Hawaii. (I find it funny that music magazines rarely mention Salisbury’s writing career, and writing magazines never ask him about the music. His short story “Julie Noonan” always seemed like it would be good song fodder to me.)

Anyway, on to the tune. Love the in-your-face horn section, the chimy choruses, and Salisbury’s swaggering vocal!


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