Song In My Head #29: “The Trains” by Nashville Ramblers

The Nashville Ramblers actually hail from San Diego, and are led by songwriter-guitarist Carl Rusk. (You’ve probably seen Rusk, even if you think you haven’t. In 1993’s So I Married An Axe Murderer, he plays in the band backing the Mike Myers’ character’s beatnik performances.) “The Trains” was originally recorded in 1985, appearing on a compilation the following year. While it flew under the radar at the time, you can’t keep a good song down. I first discovered it ten years later on Bomp! Records’ The Roots of Powerpop, and was promptly floored by its perfection. “The Trains” was released again in 2011 as a limited-edition single on the UT label (run by legendary San Diego scribe/musician Mike Stax). The band continues to soldier on today. After you hear “The Trains,” you’ll demand that they come to your town!


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