Song In My Head #30: “Comic Book Heroes/I’m Your Superman” by Rick Springfield

Two songs for the price of one today! (Of course, the “Comic Book Heroes” intro flows into the medley so perfectly that I would consider the whole thing a song suite.) Like any good child of the ’80s, I grew up loving Springfield’s Top 40 hits. (A few of his album tracks suffer from that era’s uniquely thuddy, cavernous production that make them sound like the Michelob Light jingle circa 1986. However, that doesn’t diminish the songcraft itself.) At any rate, I was unaware of Springfield’s back catalog until I found a copy of his second album, 1973’s Comic Book Heroes, when I was in college. The glammy, playful title track may very well be my favorite Springfield song. (Then again, his Mission: Magic cartoon show soundtrack is certainly underrated, but that’s a post for another time.)


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