All hail Patrick Marleau, the 1,000-point wonder!

During the San Jose Sharks’ game against the Pittsburgh Penguins last night, Patrick Marleau scored his 1,000th NHL career point. (It was a secondary assist on Brent Burns’ first goal of the game.) By doing so, Marleau became only the fifth active NHL player to achieve that feat, and the 83rd player in NHL history. I could mention his two Olympic gold medals with Team Canada, his World Championship and World Cup of Hockey gold medals, or the various franchise records he holds for the Sharks. The following clip reel, however, is much more fun:

I’m especially proud that, since Marleau was drafted #2 overall in 1997, all of his 1,348 career games have been with the Sharks. His speed, versatility, and quietly effective leadership qualities embody all the best aspects of the San Jose Sharks, to me and to countless hockey fans. Congratulations!

(Okay, technically, he’s the 1,001-point wonder. After all, Marleau did get another assist last night.)


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