From the Second City archival vaults!

Recently, I’ve been enjoying Second City’s YouTube channel of archival videos. The legendary theatrical troupe has driven the development of improv and sketch comedy since its 1959 inception, and I’ve been fascinated with it since I was a child. Going Coastal reprints my interview with Second City’s Beth Kligerman about the group’s more musical moments. In the article, Kligerman mentions Paul Dinello’s “The Jesus Song” as her favorite melding of music and comedy. I notice that this Dinello number isn’t in the online archives yet. Luckily, he appears in this nifty Limeliters/Kingston Trio pastiche with Stephen Colbert, David Razowsky, and Steve Carell (dig those close harmonies!):

Speaking of Steve Carell, I have to say that the following sketch is my favorite so far. Carell’s pronunciation of “my special lady” has me convinced that he studied Fabio’s 1993 After Dark album while developing the character. You have to admire that kind of dedication!


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