In honor of National Cookie Day…

…I had to bring you Cookie Monster’s funkiest Sesame Street moment! “Cookie Disco,” co-written by  Christopher Cerf and Sam Pottle, first aired in 1977. The album version has graced countless mix tapes made by yours truly. (I played it several times when I was a college-radio DJ, usually following up with a Stooges number. Iggy Pop and Cookie Monster share a strange kinship in my head. I still have hopes that Cookie and Iggy will appear in a show segment together someday. It’s the least Sesame Street producers could do for me, now that they’ve chopped the show down to a half-hour.) Frank Oz’s rumbly vocal gives this “Theme From Shaft” homage real heft, but the backup singers deserve their props in the song and video alike. I confess that I still prefer the album version’s ending, where Cookie bellows “ME EAT THIS RECORD!” (How can we hear him say “Delicious!” afterward if he’s eaten the album? That used to confuse me when I was little.) Nevertheless, Cookie’s outfit and headdress go a long way to compensate in the video.


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