Song In My Head #35: “See My Baby Jive” by Wizzard

When talk turns to the ideal English Christmas, a few things tend to recur: snowy landscapes, Father Christmas, wassail and Christmas crackers, a groaning board laden with roast goose and figgy pudding. It’s a scene straight out of Charles Dickens, with no rival…except one.

Imagine being a young child in December 1973, watching the Christmas episode of Top of the Pops. Suddenly, you’re confronted with a band featuring guys in gorilla suits, not to mention a roller-skating angel. Backup dancers wave their arms in a nonchalant display of cool, remaining unfazed while pies are thrown. At the center of the revelry is a rainbow-haired, warpaint-covered Roy Wood, formerly of Electric Light Orchestra and The Move, singing the catchiest tune you’ve ever heard.

I don’t know about the Cratchits, but I would have taken that over fruitcake any day.



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