“Card Catalog” and “Indie Authors Tell All” in February 2016 issue of THE WRITER

If you’re looking for new ways to sell your indie, self-published, or print-on-demand book, you might want to read my two newest articles in the February 2016 issue of The Writer. “Card Catalog” explains how you can market your books to multiple library systems, featuring advice from librarians such as Laura Lent, Chief of Collections and Technical Services at the San Francisco Public Library. (By the way, if anyone needs a media source regarding Bay Area libraries, I highly recommend the SFPL Public Affairs office. Public Relations Officer Benjamin Ibarra was so friendly, prompt, and helpful that I was in awe.) The issue appears in well-stocked bookstores, and the article has been posted on the magazine’s website here. My second piece, “Indie Authors Tell All,” helps you make the most of library conferences. It features anecdotes and tips from author/publisher Jean Libby, as well as SFPL librarian and indie novelist Grace Mattioli. “Indie Authors Tell All” is exclusive to the magazine’s digital edition. Full format and purchasing information is available here. (Many libraries carry The Writer in their digital Zinio catalogs, so it’s worth checking your local branch’s website.)

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