RSD 2016: Every Time I Try To Get Out (Part 2)

Some of you may recall last year’s post detailing my complex relationship with Record Store Day. This year, I decided to arrive somewhat later than usual (okay, 10:30 a.m.) to see if the line was less DMV-ish that way. (It was, but I also missed a lot of the usual free swag as a result. Go ahead and tell me about it.) I had two items in mind when I entered the store. One was gone, and the other was pretty much a repackaging only. I was about to walk out of Record Store Day empty-handed for the first time ever. Equally proud and chastened, I decided there’d be no harm to flip through the rest of the releases.

Then I saw one lone copy of the Cherry Red re-release of NME’s C86 compilation (two discs, gatefold sleeve). Not what I came to get (mainly because I didn’t realize it was coming out for RSD), not exactly cheap, but tempting nonetheless. I started to debate…

Teenage Fanclub‘s “Metal Baby” started blasting through the Streetlight Records speakers *the very second* I started to put the album back. The store followed up with The La’s a few minutes later.

I bought the record, and learned one of two things.

Either I was destined to have that C86 reissue, or I’m much more susceptible to subliminal advertising than I thought.


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