Santa Cruz Dance Week

Santa Cruz Dance Week begins on April 21, and continues through April 30. (Yes, that’s longer than a week, but you’ll see why more days are necessary!) When I featured the annual event (and its founder, Motion Pacific’s Abra Allan) in Going Coastal, it was known as National Dance Week Santa Cruz. No matter what you call the festivities, they’ve had local tailfeathers shaking since 2008 with an array of classes and performances. This year’s model has some intriguing new wrinkles. The opening night’s “Dancing in the Streets” event will conclude with a David Bowie tribute flash mob. Local world-music legends (and Going Coastal interviewees) SambaDá will collaborate with Worldanz for a video shoot on April 29, and participation is encouraged.

My favorite part of the event is “Dance in Unlikely Places,” where dancers perform specific pieces in public areas. I’m thrilled to see the variety of locales this year, but I wonder if listing them in advance takes away some of the surprise. (I’ll never forget when an unannounced female troupe danced the samba down the aisles of a Santa Cruz supermarket. Did I mention that they were in full Brazilian Carnaval regalia, including lavish feathered headdresses?) I shouldn’t worry: something tells me that there’ll be no lack of excitement. Visit for full event details.


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