Song In My Head #53: “I Can’t Stop Dancing” by Archie Bell and the Drells

Some of you may remember my post about the (now-canceled) show The Muppets, featuring my strong feelings about Muppet problems. I realize now that I should have directed the show writers to this 1968 classic! Sure, there are many things to love about “I Can’t Stop Dancing”: the groove, the chiming melody, the clattering-yet-uncluttered percussion that nods to the Houston band’s smash hit “Tighten Up.” (What do you mean, you don’t know “Tighten Up”? You need it in your life! Go find it and listen now. I’ll wait right here.) What melts my heart every time, though, is the song’s premise. The song’s hero loyally eats lunch at the same place each day, but the music played there is so rockin’ that he can never finish his food, because he simply must dance. That predicament should have inspired an epic Muppet Show production number, or at least a shy heart-to-heart with a sympathetic Grover on Sesame Street. How does this dilemma get resolved? Wonder no longer:

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