Song In My Head #54: “Rumble” by You Am I

When I was in college, I always noticed the raves about this Australian band in music magazines. I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about until I fell hard for You Am I’s #4 Record upon its 1998 release. “Rumble” is my favorite You Am I tune, yet I always forget its title. When you hear the shouts of “R-A-D-I-O!” in the chorus, you will also wonder why the band didn’t just call it “Radio” instead. (I have always been powerless before a song that employs spelling. I still cringe when I remember informing Sloan’s Jay Ferguson that there weren’t enough songs with spelling in them when I interviewed him years ago. I was so nervous that I’d forgotten that his “I Hate My Generation,” off Sloan’s Twice Removed, has one of my all-time favorite spelling sequences in its bridge. Sigh!)

While searching for this song on YouTube, I discovered the “Rumble” video below. What do I think of it? Let’s just say that I would have discussed it in this post, had I known about it then. Then again, I really dig the fab black feather boa that lead singer Tim Rogers is wearing, so things do balance each other out…


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