Song In My Head #55: Sesame Street’s “Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)”

I’d always assumed this Sesame Street tune, with its vaudevillian charm, was yet another classic penned by Joe Raposo. As it turns out, “Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)” is the result of a 1981 collaboration between Stephen Lawrence and David Axelrod. While the song itself is quite catchy, my favorite part involves the little spoken interlude near the end. I’m still waiting to hear Grover’s precisely enunciated “Hit it, boys!” as a sample sometime:

Viewers of Mexico’s Plaza Sesamo often find Muppet Pancho Contreras belting out “Peludo y Azul,” the song’s Spanish-language version. Lola shines in the Frazzle role, further cementing her spot on this list



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