Song In My Head #56: “Surfers Are Back” by the Barracudas

I’ve already admitted my love of holiday songs with snow-free settings. Needless to say, I also enjoy surf tunes that take place in cities with no ocean. “Surfers Are Back” is the brainchild of London, England’s very own Barracudas. The song dates back to 1980, but I first heard it on the Destination Bomp! compilation in 1995. Who could fault the logic of the couplet “There ain’t no seas to surf in/ That’s the reason why we shouldn’t wipe out”? The band comes by its cleverness honestly, since lead singer Jeremy Gluck has worked as a rock critic, author, and poet for decades (under his own name and using the pseudonyms Jeremy Clarke and Ralph Traitor).

“Surfers Are Back” seems to inspire other unlikely beach bums: Ottawa’s Riptides and Norrkoping, Sweden’s Sonic Surf City have covered the song. Meanwhile, the Barracudas have recently reformed, bringing hope to landlocked music lovers everywhere!

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