Song In My Head #63: “Beam Me Up” by Matt Berry

As crazy as it seems, the late, lamented British sitcom The IT Crowd may be the most indie-rock show ever. Co-star Richard Ayoade, who won hearts as so-nerdy-he’s-supercool IT tech Maurice Moss, directs music videos for the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Super Furry Animals, and Kasabian. Creator/writer Graham Linehan is an avowed Guided By Voices fanatic, and sprinkled several band-related Easter eggs into the show:

Oddly enough, the strongest indie cred belongs to Matt Berry, who joined the cast in the second season. The acclaimed actor has recorded several albums, and currently tours with his band The Maypoles. Once you push his very memorable Douglas Reynholm character out of your mind, you’ll find that his music appealingly blends touches of mod, folk, soul, and psychedelia. Take “Beam Me Up” from his newly-released The Small Hours:

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