Song In My Head #65: “As Long As We’re Together” by The Lemon Twigs

Long Island-based band The Lemon Twigs, featuring teenaged brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, just released their official debut album Do Hollywood last week. (There was an extremely limited cassette release of an earlier project in 2014, for those who insist on keeping score.) They already have some influential fans: Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado produced their record, and Shindig! editor Jon “Mojo” Mills raves “Talent this immense is rarely seen and heard.” Even though I haven’t heard the whole album yet (and thus feel unqualified to judge), I will say that I got hooked on “As Long As We’re Together” immediately. The sparse verses explode into a classic Bolan-meets-Mott the Hoople chorus, and the baroque break in the middle gets me every time. The band is touring as we speak, and shows every sign of being fun to watch live:


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