College Club Ice Hockey, Part Two: UC Santa Cruz’s New Team!

While researching my previous post, I was surprised to see the term “UCSC ice hockey” come up in my Internet search. I’m happy to note that UCSC’s club ice hockey team (known affectionately as the Slugs) is now very much a reality. (Actually, the team had first been proposed in 2007, and I’m stunned that Santa Cruz-area hockey devotees weren’t made aware of the effort until recently.) As is the case with many college teams in the Bay Area, UC Santa Cruz has no home arena, playing away games at venues from Santa Rosa to San Jose and Fremont. Since the players have to cover the $400-per-quarter travel and equipment fees out of pocket, the team has created some nifty team merchandise for those who wish to help out. (Even my mom, who gets queasy at the thought of the UCSC banana slug mascot, finds the Slugs ice hockey logo visually appealing.) For more information on how to join the co-ed team, attend games, or buy team jerseys and shirts, visit the Slugs Ice Hockey Team Facebook page.

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