Song In My Head #70: “(Are You On The Inside Or The Outside of Your) Pants?” by The Makers

Previous posts have taught me that I can’t always explain why some videos don’t do justice to my favorite songs. Today is a much happier (and rarer) entry: a video that should make me cringe, but somehow does not. I can just hear the director saying “This song has a verse mentioning a laundromat. Hey! Let’s put the band in a laundromat!” Yet, when I see those front-loaders spinning while the Spokane band rocks out, I can’t help but grin broadly. Maybe it’s because I had a crush on a guy who worked at a laundromat when I first heard this tune years ago. More likely, it’s because Makers lead singer Michael Machine (formerly Mike Maker, a.k.a. Michael Shelley, not to be confused with power-pop singer-songwriter Michael Shelley–sheesh, it’s complicated!) makes the corner laundromat sound like a dangerous house of debauchery. Enjoy, and happy new year!

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