Song In My Head #73: “Love Stepped Out” by Ronnie D’Addario

While the Lemon Twigs have a fine oeuvre of original songs in their fledgling career, their live show sprinkles in a few covers. (This Big Star fanatic was thrilled to hear their version of Alex Chilton’s “All of the Time” in concert, featuring Michael D’Addario’s note-perfect Chilton homage and guest jamming by opening act Savoy Motel. But that’s another post entirely.) The band frequently plays “Love Stepped Out,” originally written and recorded in 1976 by…Ronnie D’Addario, father of the Twigs’ Brian and Michael. (The elder D’Addario has continued to perform throughout the years, releasing 2015’s A Very Short Dream on Homburg Records.) If you want to hear the younger D’Addarios’ Redd Kross-inflected take on the song, you’ll have to see them live. However, Ronnie D’Addario’s original (which will please fans of Emitt Rhodes or the Left Banke) appears below. Either way, you’ll get an appealingly dramatic lyrical storyline, a nifty fuzz-guitar solo, and some addictive “ba ba ba ba” harmonies.


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