Companion Bakeshop, Coke Farm, and mid-county restaurants featured in Spring 2017 SANTA CRUZ STYLE

You may want to have a hearty snack before reading my articles in the latest Santa Cruz Style. Page 9’s “Hidden Gems” profiles two classic mid-county restaurants, and their owners’ perspectives on long careers in the industry. Cafe Rio’s Jeanne Harrison tells how the restaurant bounced back from a lengthy closure to become a local fixture, while Cafe Sparrow’s Bob Montague details his evolution as a chef. (Montague began with no culinary experience whatsoever, so it’s an intriguing story!) Page 46’s “Bread Winners” will introduce you to Companion Bakeshop’s Erin Lampel, who reveals her unusual path to creating the Santa Cruz Westside’s most beloved bakery. (As we speak, one of Companion’s scrumptious Light and Fluffy loaves calls to me from my kitchen counter. Metaphorically, that is, since I know that bread can’t talk.) Meanwhile, Cat & Cloud Coffee’s Jared Truby discusses how Companion Bakeshop helped jump-start that buzzing establishment (and a forthcoming new venture). Finally, Coke Farm’s Dale Coke talks about his organic field-to-mill artisanal flour in the “Flour Power” sidebar. The online edition appears here.

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