RSD 2017: Still Trying To Get Out

I had a prior engagement in the morning, so I didn’t get to Streetlight’s Record Store Day festivities until noon. I thought about getting the Cheap Trick release, but couldn’t remember if those alternate mixes were already on  the Sex, America, Cheap Trick  boxed set. My head was turned by the Television Personalities re-release, but the lack of extras had me feeling frugal. So, I opted for the RSD Filthy Friends 7-inch single (featuring Corin Tucker, Scott McCaughey, and Krist Novoselic, among other members of the Pacific Northwest rock elite). “I’m tapering off at last,” I thought smugly (though I reserve the right to reconsider those records someday if they’re still on the racks).

Then I impulse-bought New Pornographers and Blondie singles on the way out. Sigh. Baby steps, right?


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