Song In My Head #78: “Walk With A Winner” by Gene McDaniels

A few days ago, I was shopping at San Jose’s Streetlight Records and heard this song playing. “Is this Scott Walker?” I asked the manager. She started to laugh hysterically, since someone had asked her that very question five minutes earlier. “It’s Gene McDaniels,” she revealed. (Turns out we weren’t that far off, in a way. Apparently the Walker Brothers released a version of Burt Bacharach’s “Another Tear Falls” in 1966, four years after McDaniels sang it in Richard Lester’s film It’s Trad, Dad!) She noted that she was playing the Gene McDaniels album in order to figure out where to shelve it. I can understand her dilemma, since the late singer-songwriter’s career encompassed jazz, protest songs, soul, psych, and pop. (For what it’s worth, the store put on Veruca Salt’s first album after the McDaniels record finished, and the segue worked really well.) “Walk With A Winner” was first released in 1965, and has turned up on several compilations since…


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