The Stooges and the (Three) Stooges

Quick, who’s your favorite Stooge? I always holler “Iggy Pop!” before the question is done. However, I must acknowledge those who would mention Larry, Moe, or Curly (or, especially, those discerning souls who like Shemp). Intriguingly, there are moments where classic comedy act The Three Stooges and quintessential Detroit proto-punk band The Stooges converge. Jim Jarmusch’s 2016 documentary Gimme Danger reveals that guitarist Ron Asheton once phoned the Three Stooges’ Moe Howard for permission to call the band the Stooges. (That re-enactment sequence was the film’s unexpected highlight for me.) This week, I flipped through the latest issue of Ugly Things, which tells of a Stooges song about…the Three Stooges. Viewers who stuck around for the end credits of 2012 Farrelly Brothers opus The Three Stooges were treated to “3 Stooges.” Writer David Laing proclaims the song to be the greatest product of the Stooges’ reformation. Judge for yourself:

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