It’s Summer Reading Program time!

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s the perfect season for barbecues, trips to the beach…and library visits. While summer hasn’t started officially, many library summer reading programs are in full swing. (I’ve enrolled in quite a few already.) In the past, summer reading programs were reserved for children. Today, libraries tend to encourage participants of all ages. What’s more, the new programs mix in various activities with your reading. Visiting museums and local parks, attending library programs, and going to concerts can help you reach your goal. (I have to give props to Santa Clara City Library’s Ready Player One-themed program, which, along with the expected activities, gives readers credit for eating pizza and donuts and playing video games.)

Why do I bring this up? This year, Santa Cruz Public Libraries’ program asks enrollees to share what they’re reading on social media. So, while I’ve never taken a selfie, I hereby present my first shelfie! I’d love to know what summer reading programs are like in your neck of the woods. Of course, if you have any reading recommendations, please tell all in the comments!


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