Song In My Head #82: Suede’s “Metal Mickey”

I vaguely remember reading a Stanford Daily interview with Suede lead singer Brett Anderson during my freshman year. He asked the interviewer if she knew who Chris Bell was. Anderson told her that the band loved Bell’s “I Am The Cosmos” enough to cover it as the B-side of an early single. I’ve been searching in vain for the Suede version ever since, and have never seen it mentioned anywhere. (Why didn’t I ask someone at the Daily, or for that matter, KZSU? Why didn’t I write to one of the UK music magazines for the answer years ago?) It may have been a different Britpop band altogether, but I remember the whole thing sounding just incongruous enough to be perfect. If you know, please post a comment!

Anyway, on to the song at hand. I’ve always been partial to the Bernard Butler era of Suede, and his scouring yet slinky guitar lines here are downright glorious. Throw in some handclaps and the brilliant line “Oh Dad, she’s driving me mad!”…well, just try to resist. I dare you!

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