Dell Williams Jewelers and Alice’s Restaurant articles in Winter 2017 SANTA CRUZ STYLE

In the latest issue of Santa Cruz Style, I learn the secrets of two of Northern California’s most cherished businesses. Santa Cruz’s Dell Williams Jewelers celebrated its 90th anniversary last month. In “Diamonds Are Forever,” Dell Williams’ great-granddaughter Emily Bernard Coonerty reveals how the store has thrived in spite of a flood, an earthquake, and a retail landscape that has seen countless other brick-and-mortar shops come and go. (The new co-owner of the store also talks about her place in the continuum of the family-run business, and the joyful challenge of combining new ideas with a cherished legacy.) Then, take a road trip to Woodside’s Alice’s Restaurant in “Square Meals and Round Wheels.” There, restaurateur Jamie Kerr discusses the strange alchemy bringing everyone from old-school hippies to Silicon Valley venture capitalists to his place in the middle of the redwoods. The online edition appears here.


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