And the winners are…

You may remember that I volunteered to help set up at the Good Food Awards chocolate tasting last September. While judges sampled and evaluated products (for taste and ethical practices) all day, the winners were not to be known for months. Last week, the winners were revealed! Even if I hadn’t had a small part in the proceedings, I’d find the results fascinating. (The Creo Brown Butter Bar I’d enjoyed won a prize in the chocolate category, while Patric’s legendarily crowd-pleasing Browned Butter Bar won in the confectionery category. I’m not sure why two browned-butter bars would be in different categories…perhaps it had to do with eligibility from previous competitions? Just a guess.) I recognized a few old favorites, as well as some potent potables from Santa Cruz-based Venus Spirits that I’ve yet to try. If you’re curious, the list is here. Congratulations, everyone!


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