Song In My Head #93: “Psycho” (two ways!)

Hailing from the great city of Tacoma, Washington (shout-out to my buddy Jeanette!), the Sonics are entering their 55th consecutive year of garage-rock greatness, touring as we speak. I originally learned about the Sonics through the Here Ain’t The Sonics!!! tribute, co-released by Estrus and Popllama Records in 1993. So, my introduction to “Psycho” was the Screaming Trees cover version. A good cover is never identical, and the Trees’ version is different enough that I was actually startled by the original when I heard it. I really can’t decide which I like better. The Sonics’ relentless groove would make James Brown proud, but what ’90s gal could resist that grinding guitar riff and the careworn-yet-dulcet tones of Mark Lanegan? (Not I, kids!)


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