Song In My Head #94: “Bums On The Radio” by Feufollet

A few Fridays ago, I was listening to KZSC Santa Cruz’s Lagniappe show. I was startled to hear this perfect blast of Rezillos-esque pop nestled in between the zydeco tracks. As host Antoine graciously explained to the listeners, this wasn’t such an incongruous thing. While Feufollet can sling traditional tunes with the best of ’em, the Southwest Louisiana band loves to blend multiple genres. (Take their eye-opening cover of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire,” which Antoine played shortly thereafter.) As it happens, “Bums On The Radio” was originally by fellow Louisiana indie act Brass Bed, and the Feufollet version was taken from a Park The Van split single where the bands cover each other’s songs. DJ Antoine bashfully confessed that he plays something from this EP nearly every week. It’s easy to see why:


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