Song In My Head #95: “Lee Remick” by the Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens released many fine songs during their 28-year career. Even so, I never understood why the Australian band’s 1978 debut single seems to fly under the radar. (Heck, even its B-side “Karen,” admittedly a prime example of the underrated “librarian crush” genre, is mentioned more often these days.) From the hoarsely harmonized “ba-ba-bas” to the chunky drums to the guileless rhyming of “gems” with “Gems” (Screen, that is), “Lee Remick” charmed its way into my heart instantly. (I’m still shocked that Robert Forster’s lyrics don’t mention Remick’s impressive baton-twirling skills, featured in the classic movie A Face In The Crowd. Oh, well. As I recall, the Replacements’ Tommy Stinson is a fan of that film, so fingers crossed that he will someday write a song about that…)

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