Burning questions about the Bee Gees concert medley

At lunch today, the restaurant’s music rocked so hard that I felt like the hero of this Archie Bell tune. I suddenly understood that deciding whether to eat or dance is an actual problem, especially when the Bee Gees started to play. (Before I continue, I should establish that I genuinely love the Bee Gees. One of my first and most-cherished records is a copy of Saturday Night Fever, eagerly cast off by a family friend embarrassed to have a disco album around in the early ’80s. I’ve long believed that Barry Gibb is the modern master of the minor key, and I stand by that statement. To reassure you music geek types, I also enjoy the band’s Beatlesque pop and challenging baroque eras. I even have the weird Sesame Street Fever record with its Robin Gibb cameo, though it’s only a bit of dialogue with Cookie Monster.) Anyway, the lengthy (string? synthesizer?) intro to “Night Fever” began, with enough background noise to let me know it came from a live recording. However, nobody in the audience cheered until Barry started to sing. My confusion mounted when the song abruptly veered into “More Than A Woman,” which had no audience reaction before the chorus. I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon. Even casual Bee Gees listeners would know the Saturday Night Fever material best, and wouldn’t a Bee Gees reunion tour audience be comprised of devoted, expert fans? I’m convinced that the weird crowd noise placement was added after the fact, to disguise some sort of recording or remastering glitch. Any recording engineers or Bee Gees superfans out there willing to explain? I’m truly puzzled…


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