Song In My Head #96: “How Deep Is Your Love?” by Baby Lemonade

Almost immediately after pressing “publish” on the previous post (try saying that three times fast!), I was longing to hear this fantastically fuzzed-out Bee Gees cover. Baby Lemonade was beloved in their native Los Angeles (and by those who’d seen them backing up Love’s Arthur Lee) when they recorded “How Deep Is Your Love?” in 1992, but I didn’t discover the band until I picked up a copy of Melody Fair, the Bee Gees tribute album featuring this song. (Indie label Eggbert Records achieved notoriety among power-pop fans for its tribute records; those unswayed by Melody Fair fell hard for 1995’s Sing Hollies In Reverse. Naturally, I loved both! I can’t tell if Eggbert is still operational or not from its web presence, but you can hear sound clips and read Jud Cost’s excellent liner notes there, at least.) There should be more rocking reinterpretations of the Bee Gees’ disco era; if you know of one, please tell all in the comments!

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