Open Letter From an Impatient Fan

Dear 4AD Records:

The Lemon Twigs insist that their Go To School album is available worldwide as of yesterday. Yet, every physical vendor in the U.S. says that the release date is September 14th. A visit to my local indie shop just now left me bereft. What’s the deal?

Join a streaming service, you say? I don’t think so. I made a special trip to see an exhibition featuring Edison cylinders the other week. Needless to say, I need a copy of this album in my hands. You understand…right? (Maybe not.)

I guess I should have stowed away on an international flight yesterday (even though the band is from Long Island). Guess I’ll go back to watching YouTube clips and listening to 30-second samples for the NEXT THREE WEEKS.

(Not that I’m bitter or anything.)

Sigh. Carry on, folks.

Very truly yours, Elizabeth



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