Song In My Head #98: Drake Bell’s “It’s Only Time”

Last night Drake Bell rocked the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, and I was the sole representative of the non-teen demographic (or so it seemed). While I missed the heavier harmonies of Bell’s past full-band arrangements (best showcased in the 2008 In Concert at the Auditorio Nacional video), I loved the Neil Finn vibe of his solo acoustic performance. Bell’s cover songs entertained mightily, especially a sprightly deconstruction of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby.” (I admit I kept yelling for his version of Jellyfish’s “Joining A Fan Club,” to no avail. Bell’s triumphant version may be the most meta cover in rock history [as much as I hate to use that term], although that’s a post for another time.) Since I have a contrarian streak, I’m going to post the Bell song I missed most, which I’ve been singing to myself all week:

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