Song In My Head #99: “Wounded Egos” by Gaz Coombes

When the former Supergrass singer performed this song at San Francisco’s Swedish American Hall Sunday night, I had a bonafide mondegreen moment for the first time in years. Bear in mind, I was exhausted from watching a much rowdier but equally glorious Ash concert the night before and then attending Sharks FanFest in San Jose that afternoon. Next, factor in Coombes’ Oxford accent and the swirling sound mix. Thus, I found myself thinking “Wounded eagles, what a cool metaphor to use in a song lyric! I wonder what the significance is?” Then I bought a copy of Coombes’ enchanting Bolan-meets-electronica World’s Strongest Man album at the merch table, where I learned the tune’s actual title. Sigh! Anyway, Coombes’ new material is so good that he didn’t even have to do Supergrass’s “Caught By The Fuzz” in order for me to love the show. (Spoiler alert: “Caught By The Fuzz” was the final encore, and now I know the true meaning of “pandemonium.”)

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