Song In My Head #102: “Atlantis” by Donovan

I first encountered this song while watching MTV’s Closet Classics as a child, and immediately became entranced by the monologue. (What can I say, it was my first encounter with the Scottish burrs that have bewitched me ever since. Around the turn of the millennium, the usually impeccable Frank Black did a cover version with Al Franken reciting the speech, which seemed an odd choice by comparison.) I admit I never had the courage to watch Goodfellas, so thankfully I don’t associate “Atlantis” with scenes of mayhem. (Filmmakers went for that “use a quiet or jaunty tune to add cognitive dissonance to disturbing imagery” tactic a lot in the ’90s. I can’t listen to Johnny Mathis’s “Wonderful, Wonderful” without traumatic memories of the X-Files episode where…ugh, never mind!) I did discover Donovan’s turn in the Futurama Lost City of Atlanta tourism video sequence, however, which is pretty danged clever. “Atlantis” is the perfect number for a rainy day and the impending onset of winter…

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