DIGGING SOUND COLLECT at San Jose’s Kaleid Gallery

Yesterday I headed to San Jose to see Digging Sound Collect, the current photo exhibition at the Kaleid Gallery. (Photographer Abraham Menor has just released a companion photo book of the same name, which expands on the display.) The show features record collectors from throughout the Bay Area, as well as locales from Arizona to Johannesburg. There is no biographical information displayed other than name and city, and it’s intriguing to see the visible record sleeves give the glimpses into the subjects’ personalities. (I especially liked one San Jose collector’s hometown rep via a picture sleeve 45 of local punk-pop legends The Odd Numbers.) As for me, I felt sheepish that most of the collections displayed were far more organized than mine. Sigh! The gallery cleverly adds a crate filled with R&B records to the space, which makes the viewer feel like a participant. Definitely check this one out before it closes on January 25th! Kaleid Gallery is located at 88 South Fourth Street in San Jose, Tuesday through Saturday from 12 to 7 p.m. Admission is free, but there’s a ton of cool and reasonably priced artwork for sale! You can take a sneak peek at Menor’s Digging Sound Collect Instagram page.

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