RSD 2019: The Struggle Continues

I had every intention of getting in line early for Record Store Day, but a last-minute invitation to a dim sum luncheon in Palo Alto changed my plans. The combination of a long day on public transit and erratic coffee consumption left me ill-equipped to face Streetlight’s bins when I arrived in Santa Cruz that afternoon. Two DJs (including a store employee/fellow Sloan fan I recognized) were spinning some groovy vintage Spanish-language soul tunes. (I assumed the cover of Joe Tex’s “Show Me” was by Luis Moreno, but his version I found on YouTube sounds different. Hmm.) What was left at 4 o’clock, you ask? I didn’t see Lone Justice’s Live at the Palomino, but with a CD release on tap I wasn’t worried. My head was turned by Badfinger’s So Fine: The Warner Bros. Rarities, which I debated for a while. The price tag deterred me, but I was more worried about duplicating things I already had. (It’s a dilemma I face often as a Big Star fan. For years I believed they made a mere handful of recordings, but now I see new albums of unreleased mixes every few months. They weren’t together that long, how many more undiscovered tapes can there be? I’m not being snarky, I really want to know.) I put it back, but Pete Ham and company still call to me this morning. Did anyone out there succumb yesterday?  Please tell me if I need to nab a copy after all…

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