Song In My Head #108: “Nine Times Out of Ten” by the Undertones

If you want hits, the Undertones have ’em. The band’s show at Slim’s in San Francisco last Sunday served as a powerful reminder. Most acts would have to save a song as brilliant as “Teenage Kicks” for the end of the set, but the Undertones performed it midway through with no lull in audience enthusiasm afterward. (New singer Paul McLoone did an excellent job in spite of his struggles with laryngitis, and the fellows played with fervor that would make guys half their age drop.) I was especially thrilled to hear “Nine Times Out of Ten,” a song I’ve loved since my college days. (I don’t know if mashups are a thing anymore, but Chris Bell’s “I Got Kinda Lost” would pair perfectly with it thanks to their shared guitar hook.) Of course, the Undertones did do “Teenage Kicks” a second time for their final encore, since they clearly are not fools…

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