About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ivanovich is a native of California’s Central Coast. She attended Watsonville schools before earning a bachelor’s degree in art history and a master’s degree in drama, both from Stanford University. Her work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, Santa Cruz Style, South Bay Accent, Student Traveler, The Writer, and the anthologies Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth (Feral House, 2001) and Lost In The Grooves (Routledge, 2005). She was the arts and entertainment columnist for the now-defunct Santa Cruz, California publication Student Guide for thirteen years. Going Coastal is her first book.

5 thoughts on “About Elizabeth

  1. Hello…Tim McGarvey here..we met few days ago at Discretion Brewing, the Bookshop Santa Cruz event..I was the fellow standing with you while they were hawking their books….have enjoyed visiting your site… fun to meet.. I don’t know near enough Croats or Ivans. Ivon. Good luck with Going Coastal…having great fun with mine..Only The Days We Danced Tim


    1. Thank you so much! I enjoyed talking with you, too, and will certainly keep an eye out for ONLY THE DAYS WE DANCED. Glad you like the site…there is a recent post about the band Guided By Voices, in case you feel homesick for Dayton!


  2. Elizabeth! After far far far too long I find you. How the heck are you kiddo? My ace “cub” reporter!

    I’m getting all my BOAC stuff online within the next few months. There were four issues in total. and a CD that has me singing the Ramones I wanna be your boyfriend. Thud. Please write and I’ll set you up.

    Your book looks fab. Way to go.


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