Song In My Head #101: “Egg Man” by the Beastie Boys

One day during our first or second year of college, my friend Genevieve animatedly discussed “that Beastie Boys song where they throw eggs at a guy.” Assuming she meant the trio’s lickety-split hardcore tune “Egg Raid on Mojo,” I was amazed to learn the band covered the same incident in two different genres. Many times during this period of our acquaintance, one of us would start rapping “Humpty Dumpty was a big fat egg” or yelling “The egg, a symbol of life!” when the conversation lagged. So, while Beastie Boys Book delighted me these past two weeks, it was inevitable that “Egg Man” would be my mental reading soundtrack. (I wonder how she’d react if I threw out random “Egg Man” couplets during our next phone call…)